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The Big Mistake

The number one mistake a new home buyer makes is not being represented by a Florida licensed real estate broker that provides a buyer rebate at closing. Visiting a builder/developer sales center or internet site and registering without representation will cause the sales commission due the Florida licensed real estate broker to be retained by the builder/developer. No sales commission, no buyer rebate!

Contacting GPM Realty Services first, starts the representation process once we contact the builder/developer and arrange your first visit. Why buy a new home any other way when GPM Realty Services makes buying a new home less expensive. You will actually get money back. Federal Fair Housing Laws prevent a builder/developer from charging more if you are represented by a Florida licensed real estate broker. GPM Realty Services is a Florida licensed realty company, a member of the Florida Gulf Coast Realtor Association, Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and is serving Southwest Florida for 18+ years with our popular new home buyer rebate program.

Lets Get Started

Contact us today at 239-400-0364 or by e-mail indicating a good time to contact you. During the call we will ask you some basic questions, such as your selected Southwest Florida city, community, house type and amenities you require in a community etc. If you are unfamiliar with new home communities in Southwest Florida, we will direct you to the communities that match your requirements. We will contact these communities and make the necessary arrangements for your first visit.
Print the GPM Realty Services registration form and have it filled out and faxed or e-mailed back to GPM Realty Services from the communities you visit to complete the GPM Realty Services registration.  Once the registration form is received and verified, GPM Realty Services becomes the procuring broker of record at the communities you visited. Some new home communities have a policy where a time limit is set from first visit date to contract date ( Normally 3-6 months) and if exceeded will cancel the broker of record.

That Is It

Once the home you purchased closes, you are on your way to a rebate equal to 33% of the sales commission paid to GPM Realty Services. The rebate will be credited to you at closing. The sales commission paid to GPM Realty Services Inc and the rebate due you will show on the closing-settlement statement. 

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Proudly serving Southwest Florida with our new home buyer rebate program for 18+ years 

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